Volume I

A book of fine art photographs by Peter Olesen.

Print size 6" X 36". Click on photograph for a larger view.


I'm pleased to announce the recent publication of Seastacks - monuments of time. While traveling the coast of California, Oregon and Washington I've attempted to capture the moods and character of some of the sea stacks. Most of the photographs in this book are about the relationship between the ocean and the sea stacks. The light and weather set the mood and there is an interchange between the ocean and the sea stacks; where the ocean seems to be saying "it's just a matter of time." To see some of the photographs that are in the book go to gallery IV.

The book measures 8.5 X 11 in. and it has a fine linen cover with 43 pages printed on heavy weight satin paper.

Currently out of print.

Original limited edition silver prints from the book are available; please use the contact page to request an information sheet.